Why Choose TCS?


Being famous has great benefits!

Our retail bakery stores are
designed to please.

We enjoy excellent brand awareness and our freshly rebranded shop fronts are strategically located to help maximise exposure, ensuring The Cheesecake Shop is top of mind when customers think about special occasions.

The Cheesecake Shop is a destination retailer so customers plan their purchase before visiting our retail bakeries.

Our stores are attractive with bright showcase cabinets displaying an impressive range of cakes.
Back-of-house bakery systems refined over 25 years mean our franchisees benefit from a cost-efficient production facility.

The Cheesecake Shop is a destination retailer.

We don’t rely
on impulse buyers
or high foot traffic
shopping centre sites.


unprompted brand awareness


prompted brand awareness

Our product range is the
best way to celebrate.

The Cheesecake Shop brand is synonymous with delicious cakes beautifully presented and is loved by generations of Australians and New Zealanders. We complement our traditional product range with the newest cake innovations and trends.

We encourage franchisees to take an interest in product development and to develop skills that set them apart from the competition.

We provide customers with the best total cake solution including value-adding features such as edible images, personalised messages, chocolate plaques, candles and greeting cards.

Bring out your inner artisan…

Our franchisees are:

Ambitious. Our franchisees develop their skills and craft with ongoing training and support from us. Your enthusiasm and creativity combined with the will to succeed and our The Cheesecake Shop systems will help you develop your inner artisan.

Attentive. Our people are genuinely interested in their customers’ needs. Our simple customer service formula is the key to succeeding with The Cheesecake Shop.

Proud. Our franchisees live for the ‘ta-dah’ moment; the moment their customers’ eyes light up when they open the box and see the cake that’s been prepared especially for them.

Committed. Our franchisees’ willingness to learn and follow our franchise system is a vital ingredient in our proven recipe for success.

Rewarded. We nurture your creativity with training programs that showcase your mean our franchisees benefit from a cost-efficient production facility.

Our franchisees put the magic into memories.

Our franchisees love their craft and enjoy helping customers celebrate. They understand they are providing more than just a cake, they are artisans helping create memories.

We promise… to continue building The Cheesecake Shop brand and to promote customer awareness of our values and points of difference.

OVER 1/3

of our network
are multi-store owners.

A system made from all the right ingredients.


The benefits of partnering with us begin well before your store opens. We research your site location and surrounding suburbs. Commercial lessors prefer us because we are a destination retailer and reliable lessee. Our average occupancy cost is among the lowest in the retail food industry.

Fit-out team.

Our experienced fit-out team ensures a turnkey operation with end-to-end project-management including site evaluation, scoping, construction, equipment procurement, installation and guidance on all statutory requirements.

Information Technology.

A proprietary point-of-sale, intranet and store manager system provides full documentation plus management reports to assist with stock control, production, ingredient ordering and store operation. Franchisees have 24-hour access to the in-house intranet and a help desk is available too.

Course outline

Week 1 – 2 : Cooking and Decorating

  • Production of our signature products
  • Kitchen safety and hygiene procedures

Week 3 : Classroom Training

  • Business management
  • Store administration
  • People management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

In-store Training

  • Hand-on experience with a qualified store manager or franchisee

Commencement as Franchisee

  • Transitioning from training to takeover has never been simpler. An Operations Area Manager will support you during your initial two weeks in your store.
Initial training program.

Our comprehensive six-week training program provides you with the skills and know-how to create beautiful cakes and run a successful retail store. The first three weeks of training at our purpose-built facility are followed by a week of hands-on experience at our corporate store. Then there’s up to two weeks in your store with the support of your Operations Area Manager.

Ongoing training.

We offer our franchisees and all their team members the opportunity to take part in structured training courses on:

  • New products
  • Cake decorating
  • Customer service and retail techniques

Our management and field teams are with you every step of the way. Experienced in baking, decorating, training, business analysis and planning, they will make sure you understand how to meet the standards that are critical for the success of your store. Your Operations Area Manager will give you:

  • Guidance on how to maximise your market share and profitability and improve your operational effectiveness
  • Support in implementing our recipe for customer service success
  • Tools and checklists to help you maximise productivity and efficiencies
  • Regular food, safety and employment updates to help you meet legislative requirements
  • Proven operational tools, information and equipment so your store functions at optimal level at all times, maximising your sales potential.

The Cheesecake Shop’s
super buying power.

Size matters.

Your bakery is part of an organisation with tremendous purchasing power; franchisees benefit from cost savings, quality ingredients, and reliable supply as a result.

Our partners.

Strong relationships with reputable brands ensure our stores receive high quality ingredients at the best prices.

United Network Suppliers (UNS).

Our retail bakeries are supported by United Network Suppliers (UNS); our ingredients supply operation, which helps franchisees source competitively priced ingredients and organise production. UNS has three warehouses in Eastern Australia, as well as warehouse partners in Western Australia and New Zealand.

We promise… to minimise your costs and improve the quality of services and ingredients by forming strategic supplier relationships and leveraging the negotiating power that comes from our group strength.

We’re more than just a pretty face.


The Cheesecake Shop’s retail marketing team helps drive sales for all our bakeries. Backed by a nationally recognised brand, our franchisees enjoy tailored promotional support to help ensure your store is the sweetest in town!

Join The Cheesecake Shop and tap into valuable marketing assets:

  • Over 300,000 loyalty program members
  • Over 180,000 Facebook fans
  • Twitter and Instagram followers
  • High performing website with online store and custom cake store database
  • Local marketing online store with print on demand.
Working together increases
our share of the cake.

The Cheesecake Shop encourages innovation and development through franchisee communication:

  • CAKES Conference: franchisees meet annually to share their recipes for success
  • Continuous Improvement Training (CIT): a bi-annual state-based meeting for franchisees to discuss key initiatives with senior management
  • Franchisee Strategy Committee (FSC): a franchisee representative body that meets bi-annually with senior management to consult on strategy and network-wide initiatives
  • Cake Book: this private Facebook page encourages franchisees to share their opinions and experiences (good and bad) with colleagues.

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