The Cheesecake Shop Crown Mother of The Year 2018

The Cheesecake Shop has engaged thousands of consumers in a voting frenzy and Crowned Joan Bold as Mother of The Year.

Over 100,000 people visited The Cheesecake Shop websites in Australia and New Zealand to vote for Mother of the Year.  Joan Bold took out the number one spot with over 3781 votes.

General Manager of Marketing and Operations Peter Dable was pleased with the promotion, “It was our intention to get people engaged with our website to enter and vote rather than using social media.  All 6,000 entrants also received a free gift of a custom chocolate plaque to drive online and instore purchase.  100,000 extra people would require over 18 million impressions through online advertising such as Google Adwords.”

There were 6 categories from the following state groupings NSW & ACT, QLD, VIC & TAS, SA & NT, WA and NZ, where a nominated mum could win $1,000 in cash and then the overall winner with the most votes from those categories would then be crowned the national winner.

“Cash is King and we wanted to give the winners the opportunity to spend the prizing on whatever they please.  We considered having one major prize but felt it was important to spread the love and have local winners too.” Peter says.

The competition was promoted through digital, social media and in-store advertising and also saw celebrity influencers used such as Candice Warner and Beau Ryan.

In the end, there were over 6,000 entries received and over 30,000 votes cast during the 5 week promotional period with Joan Bold from QLD taking out the national title of Mother of The Year and winning $5,000 in cash.

When Joan’s daughter Karen was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post on her newsfeed promoting The Cheesecake Shop’s Mother of The Year competition, Karen knew this was her chance to help make a difference in the life of her mum Joan, who is battling terminal cancer.

Karen’s large and close knit family played a key part in accruing votes for Joan’s nomination. “When I told the rest of the family that I had nominated mum as the prize money could help in making her life a little more comfortable, they said ‘Let’s do this’.” The family then began sharing Joan’s nomination through email, text and facebook to their networks and also rallied Joan’s friends and old work colleagues who were all eager to their bit for Joan.

“We are thrilled that Joan has won Mother of The Year. The title and prize money has gone to a very deserving recipient and we are glad that The Cheesecake Shop has been able to play a small part in bringing some joy amidst very difficult circumstances for the recipient and her family,” says Peter Dable, General Manager of Marketing and Operations.

Karen says that mum Joan will be treating the entire family to some delicious Caramel Glaze Mudcake and will be having a Cheesecake Shop party to celebrate the win.