The Cheesecake Shop New Franchisees

Best Friends In The Bakery

Pictured above: Ravneet & Sobia on the far left in New Franchisee Training.

Ravneet and Sobia have been best friends for 9 years and counting and now they are taking their friendship to the next level by partnering in business.

Seeing their husbands’ business partnership flourish fueled their desire to invest into a business of their own where they can live out their passion of baking and decorating on a daily basis.

With backgrounds in teaching and childcare, Ravneet and Sobia have a love of home baking and have traded many recipes and tips and tricks between them through their many years of close friendship.

Ravneet and Sobia looked at other franchises but The Cheesecake Shop’s franchise model and systems proved to be the best fit for the pair for which family time is a priority, with both women having young children.

Before attending the New Franchise Training, Ravneet and Sobia did have doubts and questions in their mind as to whether they could really pull off running a bakery; however the information and hands on experience they received in learning how to make the product and follow the systems put their mind at ease.

“We’re really confident now and feel like, yes, we can do it!” says Ravneet.

The best friends will take over Bonnyrigg, NSW store towards the end of February.