The Cheesecake Shop Temptations Range

The Cheesecake Shop Tempt with New Range of Dessert Cups and Tarts

The Cheesecake Shop has unveiled their new range of treat size cheesecake dessert cups and tarts just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s now a little easier to treat yourself at The Cheesecake Shop with their single serve continental cheesecake cups, available in Strawberry, Blueberry, Citron, Caramel, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Passionfruit and Double Choc. The flavours are the same used in their popular Continental Cheesecakes (with the exception of the Double Choc which is a play on a torte) and have been cleverly adapted into dessert cups by General Manager of Marketing and Operations, Peter Dable in collaboration with Belgian Patisserie Chef Dominique Van Droogenbroeck from Apromo Trading, a key supplier of dessert and patisserie ingredients to The Cheesecake Shop.

“The Cheesecake Shop is well-known for its range of larger cakes which are typically purchased for birthdays and family gatherings.  The aim of the Temptations Range is to offer something different to our current customers and provide a smaller format for individuals, couples and smaller gatherings such as dinner parties.  Our strategic supplier relationship with Apromo Trading is one of our strongest and they have been instrumental in the ongoing development of our product range” says Peter Dable.

“I was approached by the team at The Cheesecake Shop to develop a new range of individual desserts with a European feel and lift their classic Cheesecake range, giving it a twist by being served in those trendy cups called verrines in French”,  comments Dominique Van Droogenbroeck of Apromo Trading.

The range of delectable tarts consists of Banoffee, Blueberry, Choc Caramel, Choc Cream, Chocolate, Lemon, Lemon Meringue, and Strawberry flavours.

The new range aims to provide The Cheesecake Shop loyalists with a new and exciting option for parties and other gatherings whilst also attracting new customers who perhaps would have never considered The Cheesecake Shop as a suitable option for trendy desserts.

The Temptations range has been extremely well received by fans and non-fans alike on social media, with many fans expressing their excitement and indicating their desire to purchase, and non-fans have been wowed by the look of the range, sparking intrigue amongst those who wouldn’t traditionally shop at The Cheesecake Shop.

The Temptations range can be viewed on the AU website here:


Or on the NZ website here: