New Bakery Now Open in Leopold VIC

The newest addition to The Cheesecake Shop opened last week at the Gateway Plaza in Leopold Victoria, as part of the Plaza’s redevelopment. The Leopold bakery is operated by franchisee Donna Wood who also owns the nearby Geelong bakery.  The store has been open for under a week and has already received a good response with many customers saying that they had been waiting for some time for The Cheesecake Shop to come to Leopold.

Donna first invested into The Cheesecake Shop franchise along with her son-in-law Wayne in 2014 as they were looking to buy a business that was big enough to enable them both to work together and that could generate two full time incomes to support themselves and their families. After canvassing many other franchises, The Cheesecake Shop was the first business for sale they put forward to their conservative accountant that drew a promising response by saying “this one would be successful”. However, Donna says that the real clincher was reading that “no experience” was required to own a TCS franchise, as both she and her son-in-law had no prior baking or decorating experience.

After owning her first franchise for just 3 years, Donna was approached by Centre Management at Gateway Plaza Leopold to open a retail bakery at their complex. Initially thinking it was too early to take on a second store; Donna had talked with Nick Avgerinos, General Manager of Franchise Development at TCS Head Office who confirmed that Leopold was a growing area and had great potential for a TCS site.

Multi-store franchising is a growing trend throughout Australia, the U.S.A. and other countries where franchising flourishes.  It is considered a proven and low risk way of expansion for franchisees, who are already familiar with the skills and operating standards of their franchisor.

Being able to leverage not only Donna’s knowledge and experience but also that of her staff in opening TCS Leopold made the conditions perfect for a smooth open, “We know what we’re doing now. It made it a lot easier to hit the ground running,” said Donna.

Managing Director of The Cheesecake Shop, Ken Rosebery commented that “We are delighted to have Donna open this new store at Leopold. She has proven herself to be a skilled baker and has always impressed her customers with the finest quality cakes.  She also has a great reputation for custom wedding, anniversary and birthday cakes. We are confident Donna will be successful in this growing new area.”

The Cheesecake Shop promotes multi-store ownership to its experienced franchisees and provides additional support. MD Ken Rosebery said

“We want our franchisees to grow and cope well with the added complexity of managing two stores and key to this is the new cloud accounting and time & attendance systems which make administration and managing staff a lot easier.  Our franchisees are always more successful and happier when they can focus on their cake baking and decorating.”

Donna looks forward to continued success with The Cheesecake Shop at the location of her second retail bakery.