The Cheesecake Shop New Franchisees

From Eye in the Sky to Icing on the Cake

Pictured on the middle-left: Husband and wife duo, Rakesh & Raima Shah. 

A pilot for over 30 years and a background in optical work, some might say the bakery was not an obvious choice for a career change for husband and wife duo Rakesh and Raima Shah.

But the Shah’s might disagree with you there.

Being a pilot, the fear of what might happen along with the concern for the welfare of his family always lingered in the back of Rakesh’s mind. So when he moved his family to Australia, he was determined to make a change for the better and make a move towards financial security for his family.

They conducted extensive research across various franchising industries, considering the current and future product saleability of the services and products sold amongst these businesses and the overall business model. Having known friends who were past and present franchise operators at The Cheesecake Shop also allowed the Shah’s to gather a lot of good feedback about the brand, its system and operations, garnering trust in the TCS brand and led them to the decision The Cheesecake Shop franchise was right for their family’s future.

Having zero experience in the kitchen, Rakesh had his initial doubts on whether he would be able to bake and decorate to produce the required cakes. However, after completing the New Franchisee Training, he is confident that he can produce every delicious cake that The Cheesecake Shop offer and will also be hiring a decorator to assist.

Rakesh and Raima will start in their brand new store Jindalee, WA in March.