The Cheesecake Shop Spreads Cheer Across WA With Free Slice Day

The Cheesecake Shop held a Free Slice Day to spread cheer across all of our retail bakeries in WA on Saturday 16 September between 2-5pm WST.

The event was promoted through The Cheesecake Shop’s main facebook page as well as through the various individual store facebook pages and through various online media outlets in WA which saw customers excitedly making plans to attend with friends to score themselves some free cheesecake.

Key to running a smooth event was the planning that went into it beforehand. Aside from planning the physical stock requirements, Vishal – Manager of The Cheesecake Shop Clarkson, knew that staff involvement would be critical to success on the day. Gathering the team prior to the event, Vishal invited his team to submit their ideas on how the event should be run in-store on the day. A queuing policy was one of the brilliant ideas that was put forward by staff and that proved invaluable on the day in managing customer traffic in store. Roles that team members would play on the day of the event were also collaboratively assigned based on their strengths.

Seeking to maximise the benefit of having over 500 people walk through the doors at The Cheesecake Shop Clarkson, Vishal took the opportunity to greet each customer receiving a free slice, introduce himself and educate them not only about the flavours on offer but also provide more information to customers on the enhanced range of cakes available in store that some customers had not seen before despite the range having been release for almost a year now.

To ensure there wasn’t a mad rush in store and to give staff serving paying customers the time and space they needed to give 100%, the queue policy proved to be a great organisation tool in balancing the needs of paying customers and those coming in store for a free slice. One staff member was positioned at the head of the queue where they had a tinsel bollard, letting 4 free slice customers in at a time on one side of the double doors, leaving the other side clear for paying customers to enter.

Gauging the response was more robust than initially anticipated, Vishal made the call to cut up more slices as he didn’t want to disappoint customers coming in store for the free slice. This move was very well received by customers and Vishal is confident that he will see these customers returning to his store over the coming months.

WA Area Manager Ryan Potts comments, “The Free Slice Day promotion for WA was a success! Excluding Father’s day week, it was the busiest Saturday this FY for 15 (out of 24) stores and saw 24% more customers than our average Saturday purchase products. Marketing helped promote the day on social media and made our brand go viral in WA with coverage from 7 News Perth on Facebook, 9 News Perth on the 4pm news the day before the event and a variety of other online media outlets.

It provided a great learning experience to help improve this promotion for the national launch, I would like to thank the stores for embracing this initiative and providing valuable feedback. It is important for the network to try new promotions like this to help grow our strong brand.”

Following the success of the Free Slice Day in WA and many customers asking “Why only WA?” on social media, TCS stores nationwide (excluding WA) will hold a Free Slice Day together on Saturday 7 October 2017.