The Cheesecake Shop Middle East Expansion

Market Penetration: The Cheesecake Shop is Strong on the Home Front

A brand’s penetration rate of their home market is a strong performance indicator for prospective master franchisors contemplating whether or not to take a leap of faith and invest in a brand that is entering a foreign market. The Cheesecake Shop’s results speak for itself in this regard with a strong track record in the brand’s home market – no leap of faith required.

Currently The Cheesecake Shop sales equate to approximately $4 USD per capita in the brand’s home market in Australia, which has a current population of 24 million. In contrast, the leading US cake brand, which is prominent also in the Middle East, reports figures which indicate per capita sales in its home market the US (population 325 million) of just USD 1.12.

Key to achieving this rate of market penetration is excellence across The Cheesecake Shop’s Operations, Marketing and Franchise Development activities.

The emphasis The Cheesecake Shop places on product quality is second to none. Stringent procedures are in place for quality assurance such as a specific set of recipes and methods for baking and decorating and conducts national audits every quarter to ensure that every cake that is produced in every bakery is not only picture perfect, but is that same great ‘The Cheesecake Shop’ taste that customers love and have come to expect.

The Cheesecake Shop is continuously innovating in regards to product development. The brand enhanced their core range of cakes just under three years ago; is constantly introducing new limited edition products for seasonal campaigns such as Mother’s Day and Christmas; brought smaller ‘Mini Cakes’ to the market last year in line with consumer trends and preferences and launched a brand new range of treat-size desserts early this year to diversify the product range and offer something exciting to existing customers and giving non-customers a reason to become one.

You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it becomes a brand’s best kept secret. The Cheesecake Shop’s Marketing function ensures that the brand has a good level of visibility in the market through TV, print, digital and local area marketing activities, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Achieving excellence with product quality and marketing strategy naturally leads to brand growth. The Franchise Development team led by Nick Avgerinos, are constantly scouting the best locations around Australia, New Zealand, the UK and for the first time ever, the Middle East, in order to grow the brand, ensuring that The Cheesecake Shop is strategically located in each market and thus, helping to achieve a greater presence across all markets in which the brand operates.

In summary, the results The Cheesecake Shop has achieved in its home market in comparison to other cake-related brands in the MENA region is evidence enough of its strong performance and indicative that The Cheesecake Shop knows what it takes to become a well-loved brand.