The Cheesecake Shop Middle East Expansion

Can I Operate a The Cheesecake Shop if I have no Baking or Decorating Experience?

“How on earth am I going to be able to produce those beautiful looking cakes? I have no experience in baking or decorating cakes whatsoever!” said many a franchisee.

It might be surprising to know that this thought has weighed upon the shoulders of countless prospective franchisees when deciding if The Cheesecake Shop is the right franchise system for them.

Our franchisees have come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds such as accountants, engineers, doctors , teachers, cleaners, stay at home mums, taxi drivers, nurses, pastry chefs, marketers, bankers, small business owners, builders, miners, hair dressers, chefs, personal trainers, sales people, childcare workers and much more.

All new franchisees are required to undergo a three week training course at Head Office in Sydney Australia, prior to commencing in-store. The first two weeks of training has a strong hands-on focus in the bakery where trainees learn how to bake and decorate the core range of TCS cakes.

“The training program is designed to start with the basics and increases in complexity as the training progresses. Typically two people from each store attend training with one individual learning the baking during the first week, whilst the other learns decorating and vice versa in week two. The two store representatives will usually specialise in either baking or decorating, however training both individuals in this way ensures that they are familiar with both foundational processes.

The training is extremely practical and hands on. A dedicated Field Team conducts the training along with an experienced cake decorator who guide the new franchisees through from knowing nothing or very little about baking and decorating to being confident in their skills and able to produce our core range of cakes to company standards,” says Peter Goldsmith – Training and Quality Manager.

Week three of training is theory based with new franchisees learning about the daily activities required to function their store and business successfully. These activities include sessions on setting up the showcase display, administrative processes, using point of sale, health and safety according to Government standards, customer service, marketing, legal requirements and much more. These sessions are conducted by the Field Team and also include sessions with the Managing Director, General Manager of Marketing & Operations and the Marketing team.

The three weeks of training at Head Office finish with an exam testing the new franchisees in the competencies they have learned. When the new franchisees commence trading in-store, their State Field Team representative will provide an additional three weeks of support to help them hit the ground running.

In summary, any doubts that new franchisees may have had regarding their ability to operate within The Cheesecake Shop system are transformed into a confident ability to operate a successful franchise.

“As long as everybody is hands on, we can train anybody” – Peter Goldsmith.