the Cheesecake Shop Middle East Expansion

A Sweet Haven

Customers walking into The Cheesecake Shop are met by a magnificent display of beautiful cakes, with a typical store having close to 45 cakes on display as well as a selection of delectable desserts. Products are displayed in a two metre and one metre showcase which is always fully stocked and clearly labelled, ready to make a lasting impact on customers visiting the store.

The Cheesecake Shop (TCS) currently has seven categories of cakes including Baked Cheesecakes, Continental Cheesecakes, Mudcakes, Tortes & Gateaux, Everyday Delights (cakes for everyday occasions), Celebration Cakes and Mini Cakes. In addition to this, TCS has recently introduced a desserts range called ‘Temptations’ which consists of treat size cheesecake dessert cups and tartlets. There are certain products within these categories which are ‘core’ and stores are required to display a number of these core cakes whilst other products are discretionary and the choice is left up to the franchisee.

There are over 60 cakes and desserts available to view on The Cheesecake Shop’s website where customers can place an online order for a cake of their choice and collect it in-store the next day if ordered by 5pm the day before.

It is the breadth of quality cakes that is a strong competitive factor in the Australian and New Zealand markets with other cake retailers struggling to achieve such a range across a large network of stores. The Cheesecake Shop sees a similar opportunity for a competitive advantage in the Middle East where most cake shops typically display an extremely limited range of cakes.

The Cheesecake Shop is proud of the artisan nature of its brand and also caters to personalised requests from customers for cakes for special occasions, such as significant birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and religious celebrations and boasts a database of over 10,000 custom made cakes which stores have created in the past. This database is constantly changing according to popular consumer trends, with the decorators across our network of stores loving the opportunity to practise their artistry in new forms and the challenge of creating their customers’ dream cakes.