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The Cheesecake Shop started with just one store in the inner-west Sydney suburb of Rozelle in 1991 and has now grown to be an international success with over 220 cake bakeries and 1,400 employees across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Nearly all of our shops are independently owned and operated by skilled franchisees, most of which have been with us for many years.

The franchised structure of the business together with the disciplined procedures and recipes helped create a consistency of quality that has led to ‘The Cheesecake Shop’ brand achieving exceptionally strong consumer awareness and preference.  In 1997, The Cheesecake Shop was acknowledged by its peers in the world of franchising by being awarded the prestigious ‘Franchise System of the Year’ in Australia.

To ensure that The Cheesecake Shop brand remains as relevant and loved today and in the years ahead as it has been in the past, stores are progressively updated and in 2009, a brand refresh initiative was launched. The refresh saw the herald of the modernisation of the brand and signage together with an upgrade of the retail shop fronts to incorporate a clean new look with state of the art refrigeration.

In 2016, a bakery refurbishment initiative commenced which modernised the back-of-house operations to maintain product quality, efficiencies and consistency by the network of more than 200 franchises.

Ken Rosebery is the Managing Director and is supported by a professional management and franchisee support team.

Along the way the business has grown and evolved into a sophisticated and profitable modern enterprise. In addition to the franchising business, an ingredients supply operation was established, called United Network Suppliers, to support the retail bakeries. The headquarters of the business is now located in an office and warehouse complex at Fairfield East in Western Sydney (NSW Australia) and new franchisees are trained in the on-site bakery and retail store front.

Today the brand is synonymous with immaculately presented, hand-crafted delicious cakes, loved by a generations of Australians and New Zealanders.

There are more than 27 million birthdays every year across Australia and New Zealand, and we know that 77% of people eat cake on their birthday – that’s over 20 million cakes each year!

Our promise to our customers

#1 We bake in store

The Cheesecake Shop’s cakes are handcrafted and sold from local in-house bakeries. We customise cakes to meet a customer’s particular need and offer a quick, often same-day service, to make any occasion feel extra special.

#2 Made with love

Our products are made from scratch with fresh, top quality ingredients by bakers who love their craft.

#3 Perfect for any occasion

We don’t just sell cakes, we provide a service and a solution whatever the celebration – whether its a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a christening, wedding, family gathering or BBQ.

25 years of delicious!


Robert Konopacki establishes a wholesale bakery business in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. He supplies the city's cafes and restaurants with delicious artisanal cakes and desserts - demand grows fast.


Robert's brother Warwick joins the business. His scientific training and analytical mind help the brothers create the powerful retail concept that becomes The Cheesecake Shop.


The brothers test and refine their systems in several stores before opening the franchise.


The Cheesecake Shop's first official franchised bakery opens in Baulkham Hills Sydney and is a huge success. Growth is rapid with up to 47 retail bakeries opening across the network each year.


The first international franchised bakery opens in New Zealand under a Master Franchise agreement. The Cheesecake Shop achieves 14% share of the artisanal cake market and continues to grow.


With 120 stores established in just three years, The Cheesecake Shop is awarded Franchisor of the Year (Retail Category 2) by the Franchise Council of Australia.


United Network Suppliers ("UNS") warehousing and distribution facilities are established in Villawood NSW, ensuring a consistent supply of quality ingredients at competitive prices. The Cheesecake Shop is again named Franchisor of the Year.


New offices and a franchisee training centre open at Villawood.The Cheesecake Shop continues to expand internationally with stores opening in the United Kingdom.


The Cheesecake Shop launches a major initiative to modernise and revitalise the brand.


Franchisee satisfaction soars as sales surge.


The Cheesecake Shop Roxburgh Park opens in April with record breaking sales of $1.1m in its first year. The Cheesecake Shop launches its product enhancement initiative with the Rainbow Cake, which generates record sales for stores in Australia and New Zealand. A digital marketing strategy is launched including an online store plus Cake Works, a platform enabling franchisees to promote their custom-made cakes for customers.


The Cheesecake Shop's retail turnover exceeds $100 million across Australia and New Zealand.


The Cheesecake Shop expands into New Zealand's South Island opening a store in Christchurch. The store sets a new opening week sales record of over $40,000 and generates unparalleled social media interest.

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